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  • Thank you symposium

    Thank you symposium

The Campaign

Launched in November 2012, the advocacy campaign "The Urgency of Reading" aims to raise awareness for the need to better address the intellectual dimension of populations in humanitarian situations.

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Libraries Without Borders

The  Urgency of Reading campaign is an initiative of Libraries Without Borders, the main NGO supporting libraries in the francophone world. Active in over 20 countries, LWB intervenes in emergency situations as well as providing long-term support in order to promote access to knowledge and information for all.

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The International Conference

On the 11th and 12th of October 2013 an international conference on "The Urgency of Reading" will be held in Paris, which aims to bring together professionals from humanitarian, library and ICT sectors to work on better understanding the intellectual dimension of human beings in crisis situations.

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The Ideas Box

The Ideas Box is a cultural center in a kit being developed for emergency humanitarian situations by Libraries Without Borders. Equipped with a satellite internet connection and touch-screen tablets, electronic and paper books, as well as a mobile cinema, the Ideas Box is a truly portable media center for children and adults.

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