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The Ideas Box : a revolutionary and portable cultural media kit for refugee populations

Since 2012, Libraries Without Borders has been working on the conception of a new and innovative device to enable access to information and culture for populations in humanitarian situations : the Ideas Box.


A truly portable cultural center in a kit, the Ideas Box will be equipped with a satellite internet connection, touch-screen tablets, books in electronic and paper form, cultural activity materials as well as a mobile cinema. It will be as easily adapted and responsive to the needs of children as to the needs of adults. 


Standardized, easily transportable and field-deployable, energy-autonomous, robust and easy-to-use, the Ideas Box constitutes a major innovation in the field of access to culture and information in crisis situations.


Currently in development phase, the Ideas Box will be presented to the public in Autumn, 2013. They will be implemented in a trial phase in the Great Lakes region starting from January 2014 : 5 boxes will be deployed in refugee camps in Burundi and Rwanda for a period of 12 months.


 This program is supported by the Pierre Bellon Association and receives technical support from the UNHCR.